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Shipping to Beijing?

Rely on us for sending air or sea freight to Beijing.

Shipping to and from China's capital city, Beijing, is easy with ShipChina™. Second only to Shanghai, Beijing boasts one of the highest population rates in China at approximately 22 million people. This culturally diverse and dynamic city demands a complex and integrated supply chain to service its business and residential customers.

ShipChina™ works with various suppliers to coordinate pickup and delivery service in Beijing. We'll help you access this major city quickly while minimizing the shipping cost to Beijing, China from Canada.

Industries served
  • Consumer goods
  • Food + Beverage
  • Electronics
Services offered
  • Shared warehousing
  • Crossdocking/Transloading
  • FBA Preaparation

Our associates have more than 20 years of experience working with partners servicing the Shenzhen market, both importing cargo, and shipping from USA to Beijing. In addition to the task of physically moving goods, our partners also understand the Chinese customs requirements for the importing of certain commodities.

We focus on shipping to Beijing by road, air, rail, ocean as well as all associated intermediary services when moving between modes. ShipChina™ works closely with all major airlines around the world to enable cost-efficient air freight to Beijing. It also conducts ongoing negotiations to ensure the space you need at competitive rates – even during the busiest shipping season.

Where possible, we can also erect and dismantle Unit Load Devices (ULDs), significantly reducing the risk of damage to your shipment, and saving you time and expense when shipping from USA to Beijing. We can achieve this as many of our freight stations have their own ground transportation at or near the airport.

Lower your shipping cost to Beijing, China from Canada or USA

When you choose ShipChina™, you are choosing a partner that knows overseas delivery, and how to most economically move air freight to Beijing.

ShipChina™ offers air and sea freight to Beijing from these major Canadian cities:

  • Shipping from Toronto to Beijing
  • Shipping from Vancouver to Beijing
  • Shipping from Ottawa to Beijing
  • Shipping from Calgary to Beijing
  • Shipping from Edmonton to Beijing
  • Shipping from Montreal (Quebec) to Wuhan
  • Shipping from Halifax to Beijing

To help you estimate the shipping cost to Beijing, China from Canada, whether you need air freight to Beijing or sea freight to Beijing, use our quote module.

Why Choose Us
Sea ContainerSize: 40', 40'HC, 20'
ExpeditedTime Sensitive Delivery
Temperature ControlledFresh, Frozen
Express PackageUp to 140 lbs.
Secure ServiceFor High Value Shipments
24 Hour VisibilityAgenets in every time zone.

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“We had to ship some samples pieces into Chengdu and found the best pricing with ShipChina.   I would recommend this team not only based on thier pricing, but for their ability to communicate with our team in China to arrange delivery."

Herman Xu
Sales Manager

“We arranged a shipment from Xi'an, China back to Winnipeg and found the service to be fast and affordable.   I would definitely deal with this team again."

Margaret Connelly
Shipping Manager

“We were looking for a for a freight forwarding company to hanbdle our container shipment from Guangzhou back to the Port of Vancouver.   ShipChina had a frwarding parnter in Guangzhou that handled everything from pickup to delivery - including the documents."

Graham Blake
Supply Chain Manager

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